Sunao na niji_Team 3


We made SUNAO NA NIJI :D! (Still naruto cosplay ,hahahhahahahah) HOPE U LIKE IT!
u can recognize the name of this project is the name of the fifth ending song in NARUTO SHIPPUNDEN ANIME : Sunao na niji (honest rainbow )of Surface:

the idea for this project is from this pic:

team 7

This pic is team 7 only , but we want all BBG can join in this one so we design the costumes for other characters according to their personalities ! But u know it`ll be hard! How to recognize them when they dont wear the main clothes? or how to express the characters` feeling when they are in other background? hya… i dont really know either, just know that we have to try our best so that u all can recognize them easily 😀 so of course there will be something we dont do well

And now , our team 3 :

_Blah Blah’s cosplayers_

Rock Lee by LeeTC

Hyuga Neji by Sky-chan

Ten Ten by Corgi

Photo by HAN Kouga , DAN Gyokuei

sunao na niji_team 3

team 3

rock lee


ten ten

konoha green beast

kiss the rain


lee and ten ten


lee and neji




Download more (pics with full size ) :

2 responses

  1. BN

    ay oi cho to hoi BG nay o dau ma dep the???
    cho to biet cho chup nay dc ko?? Please!

    January 18, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    • blahblahgroup

      BG bo nay chup tai ba dia diem khac nhau , mot ben ho cau ca Gia Lam , mot o mot ngoi chua duoi chan cau Thang Long tu phia duong Au Co di len , con mot la ngoi chua nam trong khu do thi Linh Dam , cu the ten tung cai thi do chup lau lam roi nen to ko nho noi nua *__*

      January 24, 2011 at 3:43 am

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